Nationwide Beach Soccer Series™

How to Register for the Proper Age Group

Use the following guidelines and appropriate age matrix to determine how to register your team. 


  • When registering, use your oldest player's date of birth; register the entire team in the age division that your oldest player is eligible to participate in.
  • No players are allowed to play in an age group that is younger than their date of birth.
  • Girls are allowed to play in Boys brackets.
  • Any player is allowed to play up in age.
  • Any player may play on multiple teams but that player may not play on multiple teams in the same age group or division.
    • Schedule requests will not be considered for players playing on multiple teams.
  • Use the matrix below to determine which age group your team should be registered in based on the oldest player's date of birth.

Age Matrices (Applicable for this year's SITS Series Only)

For tournaments:   For tournaments:

San Diego
Grand Haven
Detroit I
Michigan City
Detroit II



Use the chart below   Use the chart below

age matrix pre 8 1 

  age matrix post 8 1 


soccerdotcom Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand
Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand

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Tournament Draws Record Teams

SITS Draws Huge Crowds!

This was the biggest one we’ve ever done. San Diego is massive, Oregon is big, Cleveland, but this is the biggest we’ve ever done.


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