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CoachDeck LLC and Soccer in The Sand Form Strategic Alliance

San Diego, CA May 31, 2009 – Two San Diego, CA-based companies, CoachDeck LLC (, and Soccer in the Sand (, have formed a strategic alliance to help promote the sport of soccer and the education of soccer coaches.

CoachDeck, which manufactures and distributes unique decks of cards containing soccer drills, works with thousands of youth recreational soccer leagues and tens of thousands of parent-volunteer coaches. Soccer in the Sand is a leading organizer of youth “beach” soccer tournaments nationwide. 

Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck, believes this relationship will be mutually beneficial for a variety of reasons. "The Soccer in the Sand audience is primarily our target audience, and vice-versa. It makes sense for us to cross-promote within the youth soccer community.” Gotta also plans to leverage the expertise of Soccer in the Sand President, Chris Lemay, an “A” license coach and authority on youth coaching. “We are exploring new verticals with an eye toward enhancing our core product in the youth soccer coaching market. Coach Lemay is a proven expert and we believe there are additional services he can help us bring to the table.”

Lemay says he also sees the foundation for many new collaborative possibilites. “The vast number of organizations that are aware of CoachDeck has us excited to be able to use this platform to spread the word about the fun and healthy events we provide. I see many opportunities to share knowledge and expertise that will assist coaches and kids alike.”

In the end, it’s about kids enjoying the game of soccer, Gotta says. “Soccer in the Sand is fun and CoachDeck is fun. If more kids play soccer and have fun doing it, we’ve accomplished our mission.”

About CoachDeck
CoachDeck cards were created to assist the millions of hard-working youth sports volunteers and parents who would like to help players learn important skills and fundamentals though fun drills and games. Designed by professional coaches, the drills in CoachDeck can be performed by players from 6-16 and are laid out in a fast, easy-to-understand format that allows coaches to conduct an extremely effective practice with little or no preparation.

Brian Gotta, Principal

soccerdotcom Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand
Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand

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