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Source: Del Mar Times Newspaper

Soccer moms kick-start their mornings

Chris Lemay, founder and program drill instructor, began Soccer Moms in the fall of 2007, and runs two programs per year; September to December and January to June. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 10 a.m., the moms show up and the workouts begin.

Dads and non-parents are always welcome, and no prior soccer experience is necessary, Lemay said.

Make no mistake though. These aren't latte-chugging chat sessions, either. The routines they go through work the body hard.

Lemay starts the group with light stretching, followed by five different muscle-toning and cardio-pumping stations - sprints, leg-kicks, push ups, side-to-sides, etc. - followed by a long run up the foothills, triceps workouts, medicine ball lifts, stabilization and stomach crunches, ending with a cool-down period.

There are short water and power bar breaks, but you name a muscle group, and these moms are working it.

The cost is $20 a session or $175 for 10, and turnout has been brisk. Turnout numbers are anywhere from 5 or 6 to as many as 16 at a session. Local resident and dedicated Soccer Mom, Shelley Morris said "With the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop, and a gorgeous eastern sunrise, what better way to start your morning?"

Lemay got the idea for Soccer Moms from his primary venture, Soccer in the Sand. 
As a former soccer coach at UC Riverside, Lemay saw a need for a sand soccer tournament series in San Diego, so he started Soccer in the Sand in 2006 and it has grown quickly ever since.

His first tournament was held in May 2007 with 24 teams competing. That number more than tripled to 75 teams in May 2008, and he is expecting approximately 144 teams for this year's big May event.

Tournaments are usually held at Mariner's or Crown Point in San Diego, and the ages are U9 through adult, men's and women's teams and coed. Rosters typically carry eight players and games are four against four players with a goalie.

Costs are $250 per team for a one-day tournament and $350 per team for two-day tournaments. Soccer in the Sand is also the only "traveling" sand soccer tournament series of its kind. 

Tournament stops include Santa Barbara, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, and more sites to be announced. Visit

soccerdotcom Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand
Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand

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