Nationwide Beach Soccer Series™

Detroit, MI
Dates: July 23rd (Girls) & 24th (Boys)
Registration Deadline: July 14th

Soccer in the Sand's age groups have changed for the 2016 season.
To make sure you are registering your team in the proper age group, click here.
Please note that this tournament is two separate one day events.
U8-U18 girls, women, adult coed will play Saturday and U8-U18 boys, men will play on Sunday.
What is it?
Two one-day small-sided 5v5 beach soccer tournament played in the sand with goalkeepers creating lots of shots and goals!
What are the benefits?
Every team will be guaranteed 3 games filled with lots of touches on the ball and an environment to try all your latest moves.
How about the family? 
The entire family is encouraged to come and enjoy the games and the beach. This is one soccer tournament you won't have to drag the siblings to.
Games will be 4v4 plus goalkeepers (5v5). Games will consist of two 12 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime. All teams will be guaranteed 3 bracket games with the opportunity to advance to the semifinals and finals. Minimum roster count is 5 and maximum is 11; our recommendation is 7-9 players.

Age divisions:

U7-U18: Boys & Girls
Adult: Men, Women & Coed
Over 30: Men, Women, & Coed

$315 per team
Tournament Director:

Scott Lemay
(248) 207-9282

Club Co-Host:


soccerdotcom Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand
Golme - The official goal provider of Soccer in the Sand

SITS Harlem Shake!

Tournament Draws Record Teams

SITS Draws Huge Crowds!

This was the biggest one we’ve ever done. San Diego is massive, Oregon is big, Cleveland, but this is the biggest we’ve ever done.


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