Sponsor Information

In 2018 Soccer in the Sand hosted over 40,000 spectators and players on the beaches of its Nationwide Series. The clubs, families and friends that participate in our events are the most important relationships to Soccer in the Sand. We constantly strive to create relationships with strategic partners that will bring value to our partners, as well as bring value to those relationships we hold near to our heart.

If you are interested in becoming a Nationwide sponsor, or perhaps a sponsor at a local event we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to Jordan Arias (760-831-1520, Jordan@soccerinthesand.com).


Nationwide Series

Soccer in the Sand will host 12 beach soccer tournaments in 2019 with the possibility of an additional 3 events. Our tournaments will run in 9 different states spanning across the country. In 2018 Soccer in the Sand played host to over 1,500 teams within the 9 tournaments across the country. The cities who host our tournaments benefit from a substantial economic impact, well into millions of dollars, with our participants and spectators taking advantage of the local hospitality, food and activities.

Our company partners gain direct presence at our events whether through our “Vendor Village” or sponsoring a particular aspect of the tournament. The goal for Soccer in the Sand is to bring value to both our participants, as well as our company sponsors by creating a fun and clean environment for all to enjoy.

Who will you see at Soccer in the Sand?

Soccer in the Sand is a family-oriented event which works extremely hard to create an organized tournament which allows our players and spectators to focus on playing hard and enjoying the weekend. Soccer in the Sand brackets consist of boys and girls ranging from 7 to 18 years old, as well as adult divisions (co-ed, mens and women open). Soccer in the Sand is a family affair weekend with parents and siblings never wanting to miss out!



Becoming part of the family

Soccer in the Sand looks to partner with companies which hold the same values and mission as it has. For that reason, you are joining a community that allows endless possibilities. Joining the team provides an environment which you are associated with other like minded companies and lends to other opportunities of co-branding.